Disciple Bible Study at Sunrise UMC

Disciple Bible Study is a 9 month, in-depth study of the Bible designed to foster spiritual growth and more intentional discipleship. Disciple helps develop the spiritual discipline of regular Bible study, and to teach us to apply the Scriptures to our daily lives. Disciple 1 ("Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study") is a 34 week study which covers approximately 70% of the Bible. Disciple 2 ("Into the Word, Into the World") is a 32 week, in-depth study of Genesis-Exodus and Luke-Acts. Disciple 3 ("Remember Who You Are") is a 32 week, in-depth study of the Prophets and the Writings of Paul. All three classes follow the same basic class format, using videotapes and small group discussions.

Sunrise is currently offering the Disciple 1 class. The class will meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM at the church, beginning Jan. 12, 2005. The cost of the course workbooks is $30.

Disciple 1 is being taught by Tim Wottle, (480) 991-9776 (email: )

  Disciple 1 class schedule
  Disciple 1 class outlines

If you are interested in taking a Disciple class, or would be interested in teaching a Disciple class, please email Tim Wottle at      You will be contacted regarding class availability and teacher training opportunities.

(Unoffical) Trinity United Methodist Church in Salina, KS, produced this study as a supplement to the Disciple Bible Study.