Sunrise United Methodist Church
19234 N. 7th Avenue  Phoenix, AZ  85027
Ph. (623) 780-1008

Sunrise Church

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Prayer Focus

March 2008

Monday:  Jesus Christ, help me step out of the shadows of my
insecurities into Your glorious Presence and Light.  Shine Your loving glory into my heart, so I may come closer to You. Amen.

Tuesday:  Lord Jesus, may all people know Your unconditional love for them. I pray for _______________this day who needs Your love, hope and care. Amen.

Wednesday:  Lord Jesus, by Your cross and resurrection, You have overcome evil and death. May we Your people bring eternal light, and life to the discouraged and needy. Amen.

Thursday:  We pray for _______________this day who is ill. Bring Your healing power over this person and bring complete healing , Lord Jesus, our Great Physician. Amen.

Friday:  We pray for the thirsty, the hungry, the crippled of life.  Bring each one into Your eternal river of life, Loving Savior and bring restoration to _____________ . Amen.

Saturday:  We pray to become fruitful witnesses in life by our words and deeds for Your Kingdom, O Loving Savior. Amen.

Sunday:  We pray today for all who are persecuted for their faith in You, Lord Jesus. Bring them renewed courage and strength in building up Your Kingdom. Amen.

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